The roots of terrorism hitting European capitals lie at their own doorsteps

After the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels a friend of mine asked me for my expert opinion about these horrific events.

I told him that I am not such a neutral and helpful person on this matter but what I know as an objective analyst is that these terrorist actions are the direct result of the Western governments behaviour.

What does that mean, my friend asked me. “Are you telling us the Western governments are behind these terrorist attacks in their own countries, or these barbaric acts are actually the natural response of the terrorist groups to attack the countries of the coalition forces in Iraq and Syria…?

I said, of course NO!. Absolutely NOT. I don’t say that, but I believe the absence of any action by the UN and Western governments who just follow the US strategy or politics/security policies in the Middle East is the root cause of this conflict.

The politicians who are just interested in bringing or keeping their political parties to power and dominate their political system as their final goal are to blame for this.

These terrorist actions are rooted in the lack of attention by the Obama administration to the 4.5 million people who in the wake of the electoral fraud in the streets of Tehran in June 2009 were chanting “Obama, Obama, either with them (regime) or with us (Iranian people)” or “Neither to Gaza, nor Lebanon, my life is for Iran”.

The root of these terrorist attacks lies in the lack of attention by the US government to the Iraqi people who in their parliamentary elections in March 2010 elected the secular and Shia leader Ayad Allawi and his coalition Al-Iraqieh with their votes but the US Vice President Joe Biden met with Iranian official in Damascus and re-appointed Nouri al Maliki the ex corrupt and sectarian prime minister for a second round.

The US officials again made the same mistake with supporting Haider al-Abadi during the third round of general elections when the Iraqi constitution did not allow Nouri al Maliki to become PM for a third round. Actually they did the same Putin-Medvedev game.

These terrorist actions are rooted in the indifference of the US and Western governments towards the massacre of the Syrian people by the dictatorial regime of Bashar al Assad in the beginning of the year 2011. At that time, a majority of the Syrian people and their free army were ready for an immediate regime change and establishment of a democratic country but did not receive any support from the West.

Instead they began to compare the Syrian crisis with their failed experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan and decided not to interfere in Syria, thereby leading to the rise of the radical and reactionary groups like the Al-Nusra Front, or Jabhat al-Nusra  and the ISIS  or Daesh.

In Lebanon, the Western governments chose to remain silent about the assassination of the country’s elected Prime Minister Rafiq Al Hariri and execution of 1559 United Nation security council resolution about disarming the terrorist Hezbollah which has since taken the country’s political system hostage and in a state of crisis.

The root of these terrorist attacks on America and the West must be sought in the words of their authorities, which on the one hand they call Iran as “the central bank of terrorism” and on other hand the day appease the regime by depositing billions of dollars in its accounts and compete with each other to travel to Tehran for signing political and economic deals!

If the international community and especially Western governments really have decided to uproot the curse of terrorism then there is only one way to do this: they have to cut off the head of the snake in Iran!

They cannot wage war with terrorism on the one hand and then provide financial and political support for the very source that instigates terrorism across the world at the same time.

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